Monday, 28 February 2011

Le man's. 71

I decided to do a bit of painting ,it's not finished yet,need's to dry a bit so I can get some detail on.......I don't paint very often ,but enjoy it when I do


  1. That's looking really good Stevie...ya captured his eye's just right. I'm a huge McQueen fan, his bio by Chris Sanford was very good i learned lots i never knew about him,this quote made it for me..."McQueen knew what it was like to be dyslexic,deaf,illegitimate,backward,beaten, abused,deserted and raised catholic in a protestant heartland,fond of casual sex and bare knuckle fighting,yet who was also a loyal friend and loving father." Get sum..!!

  2. Thanks Stuka that's very kind of you bud... brilliant quote, a Legend indeed.

  3. Your very talented man, makes me want to get my brush's out.