Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Remember this Simo?

We were all pissed,Benny,Spindle,Simo ect at the Hot Rod Drags last year."Lets ride our bikes over to the Bar" he says.Some of you will remember him starting the VL up and instantly pulling on the throttle, taking a short cut motorcross style, across the road, over a large mound and towards a great big lump of a Ford pickup or something. It was a bit dark, but he looked a bit like this, hanging off his bike like a fuckin Dirty Bobbers flag, haha, See you soon buddy xxx.Borrowed from Scarlett's other blog Mo' Taters.Made my day hun.x


  1. ha, he went straight between the two cars, a gap of about 3 foot, ditched the VL and carried on to the bar by foot.

    me and Scarlett had to pick the bike up and return it to where we were camping, not a scratch on either cars or the bike, fucking miracle. Brilliant weekend

  2. ha ha...sorta remember it!! but only cos you dirty fackers won't let me forget it!! lookin forward to catchin up wiv y'all soon!!