Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ssssssixty Se7en

Well Baby G couldnt take it anymore, and has sucumbed to the chopper devil in his purdy lil head. Not 2 weeks ago it was in full Beligian Police guise at the Linkert, but the Bridgend babyfaced bikerider had other ideas.Im not fretting tho because he can easily put it all back on when he gets old and fucked like us. Toshi' ing a pair of old tanks as we speak he is. Ah, looking forward to seeing you double penetrated with road shite from front to back, and riding in the rain with your head to one side in a bisto kid stylee like youve just shit yourself and you dont like the smell haha................Er, join the club.x


  1. Fuckin ell I was wondering if G had it back yet...but then I do operate on a different time zone to everyone else ay Lee hahahahaaaaaa x

  2. Hi stevie, it's James how do I get in touch with you? My email is welcometojamesville@gmail.com. Hope to hear back from you buddy.