Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lowlevelhellraiser.....Fully Booked, No More Names.

Been thinking about this for a while now. Last year coming back from the Linkert Attacks we got to much into the riding on the sunday, and found ourselfs with nowhere to stay for the night. As luck would have, it Ollie from Belgium could speak good french, and blagged a little field off a farmer to stay in for the night. This turned out to be fuckin great, if a little cold. We went down to the local town, got pissed, ate pizza, and brought some bottles back for a swig in the field, with the light of a full moon upon us. Couldnt have a camp fire the farmer said, but we didnt care. This brought it all back for me as i used to do it all the time, find a field, get pissed, talk shit, and sleep next to my bike.

Well this time has come again, Bedwyr (Fonda), Stevie and i were talking about getting back to basics over the weekend, so Fonda was on the case to find us a venue for the Lowlevelhellraiser, and he found one superfast, but its a secret, heres the info..................... Sat 20th August, Meet up at Abergavenny bus depot around 4pm ish, ride to site, £3 camping for the nite, 45 gallon drum camp fire and a real ale pub down the road. Limited on number of people, so we need names asap. Choppers and Bobbers only, No fuckin Stock bikes, just us lot, not to crowded, and the right crowd..... Git your name down here fool !!!! or email me ....FULLY BOOKED NOW SORRY 4th Feb.


  1. i'm in, a cool ride down the A49, save me a spot near the fire please

  2. Sounds like a plan stan, to meet at the bus gus, just drop off the key lee and set yourself free..i'm in..!!

  3. I'm in, will remove front fender