Tuesday 28 June 2011

Linkert Attacks Uk 2011

Well what can I say, it was love and peace and two wheeled mayhem mixed up with some real honky cider and for those of you lucky enough to sample it.."Widows Venom" ( or lucky enough not to hahahhhaaaa, it was quite lairey)courtesy of Stuka who sadly could'nt make it ,but left the lucky few in no doubt of its origin .....we had rain and shine and some wicked bands......"best gig we ever played said gasty and elma.... and theyve played a lot....I laughed just about as much as was possible to laugh and I had a lump in my throat on the ride out.... I witnessed men ride in late at night in the pouring rain from France and the miles fall away as we thrust a bottle of red in thier hand's and welcomed them....and the ride to Frampton on Thursday to meet Oli Moes, Olivier and the French and the rolling in of Jimmy,Huggy and Johnny hayes.......it was Game on,... and I will remember Guy finally making it( much to our concern)after more mechanical trials from the chopper gods that would really test only the most tenacious riders..of which he has in Spades,and oh how i laughed when He and Dean were steaming drunk on the honky cider at the bar not that long after arrival, with Dean having to piss against the bar( priclessI have been known to do this a lot myself in my murky past lolololhahahahah) and of course this did not prepare me for the moment when Dean would give me  issue number 1....I dont have the word's for my gratitude as I felt quite moved by his generosity,,, Cheers mate......we pretty much had it all..... sax played on bar  ..Shu's cool shuffle on the bar.... Andy P riding up to the bar... Bands playing  as bikes roared in and out of the bar..... and Dave "redface" tucker( heart of a lion and the and the strengh and loyalty to match,,, he must have been a spartan in a previous life) trying to push the bar straight out the back of the Dook on Shaky's Pan...and not a yellow sircoat in site.....and there were points in the bar I laughed with Tom, Gav, Steph, Lee and Tim so much we cried,,,,there were steam engine's, Knuckles,Pans,Shovel's ,Flatty's ,ironhead...Indian's, simos VL and I'm sure at one point I saw Bedwyr riding as many of them as he could get his hand's on with no concern where thier clutches, shift's and brakes were located lol..........We also ate well with curry's and breakies and dinner's  and of course Ed's and Jimmy's barbecue.... with some of the best ribs ive ever tasted ( cheers Fred) rain or shine and Farmer warrens Sausages of course......   I nearly forgot the Spitfire,, now you could'nt make that up could you,at which Paulie( magneto zoo)whom has a love of all vintage iron, say's he had a lump in his throat....and before we knew it had come to an end...and we saw everyone off on thier various epic journey's and broke it down....we saw Dave,Shaky and Shu off after a savage day's graft in the Sun, followed eventually By the undisputed king of cool barnone......our brother Milo......and in the end myself, Lee, and the one and onlyToshi,and,Keith the king of wood,the cycleheadz crew and Rensh shared possibly the biggest chinese takeaway ive ever seen and a few beer's leaving us to complete our journey on monday morning exactley a week after arriving......and as is only right on this fantastic adventure myself and Lee also had to depart and as much as we and Renshaw wanted to ride the final part of our journey together ,he had to remain behind...and this was a fitting end for the First man in and the last man out, we have much to Thank him for....cheer's brother x...........and so we rode off  and as we rode side by side as we always do up close and personel out on the open rode I looked across to see my friend looking back with a tear rolling down his face....I knew then that we were truly free....x

Love and peace to all that made it there. see you on the road
Oli Moes
Jimmy Monkterry the tramp
benny, Dick TreeRenshy
Guy, Dean
chinese meal
all gone
Stevie x wwnww

Monday 20 June 2011

Dad's girl Fleur... my youngest
Lot's of work done for the Linkert..you'll have to wait and see!!....leaving today for set up and party time so we wont be back until a week monday, Have a safe journey and see you there Chopperfreaks.

Sunday 19 June 2011

We aint bloggin this week.....

...coz were busy with the Linkert stuff, so have a safe journey you beautiful bunch of fuckers and wel see you friday in the Dook.x

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Linkert Attacks Pre Paid Update

Please do not send any more contributions in as they will not be processed, your name will not be on the list and you will have to pay again on the gate. Cheers and see you all next week.

Friday 10 June 2011


This is what happens when your working with no guard on Stevies 4 1/2" grinder. A splinter off a linishing disc about 8mm long gets stuck deep in your finger, and takes 4 weeks to come to the surface.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Monday 6 June 2011

Max On His Harley

Bob my old Evo Softail, now tearin up the Brighton streets with Max.Good to talk to you again mate, stay in touch.

The New Thrasher

85 softail with hidden flamejob.

Sunday 5 June 2011

Skates On

If you've recieved one of these, you need to pay by 14th June to secure your advance ticket.Details for payment are on the back of your invite.See you in the DOOK.

Saturday 4 June 2011

Tim's getting married today way hay

off to Bristol today for Tims wedding, excellent weather going to be great Lee of to NCC show in morning for his chopper fix....see you there bud.

Friday 3 June 2011