Tuesday 30 November 2010

Straightleg Pan Frame

Picked this up last week, ......it's nice and old..

Turtle love..

P.C is fucked.......back soon..

my flamin computer has gone tit's up so ive fired up the laptop and waiting for my wireless router to arrive. and Lee the lucky Baaaastard has gone to sun himself and visit the local boy's in Thailand, hoping for some roving report's from ma bruv shortly..

Thursday 25 November 2010

Back in the day

Top one was my GS 850 chop, first chop i had,some others over the year too,check the recently bonged complection of the last pic, stoned as fuck i was, mam took the pic, if only she knew,haha.

Monday 22 November 2010

21' tls

My twin leading shoe front drum , stainless spokes ally rim...

Faaaast Classic's......

Look what we found in Shaky's porn stash,...................hellooo Huggy

Friday 19 November 2010

Shovel chop card, Tesco's..!

Got this in Tescoland ,.. It's Fonda's birthday, we're off to Bristol tomoro,

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Thursday 11 November 2010

1st Special Service Brigade. 3 commando.

It is on this day, that with great pride and a tinge of sadness that I remember my mates who died far to young, and the men of Commando forces that went before us.....

The above picture was taken at Mervllie battery ,Normandy of a great old fella, with a broad smile and a cheeky glint in his eye , as I approached him to wish him well through the throng of people he saw me and reached out his hand we shook hand's but he continued to hold on to mine and tell me of his fight on D Day, The 1st ssb, came ashore at ouistraham with the specific task of punching through and linking up with 6 para and John Howard's men at pegasus bridge , under the command of Lord lovat, many of the men can remember Lovat and his piper Bill Millen  striding forth under heavy fire with Bill playing rousing tunes for the boy's ( millen's bag pipes were holed several times)  and maintained the momentum of the attack,and having also spoken to 6 para vet's they remember Bill's music well as in thier word's they Knew that in the face of a fearsome fight with german armour bieng  brought to bear that the Commando's were close to linking up thus lifting their tough fighting spirit, , It was on D+ 1 amid the struggle to gain control of Merville battery after it had refallen into german hands after airborne element's and the remains of Colonel Ottways para's had moved on to the Orne line That 2 troops ( approx 90 men) of 3 Commando attempted to take the battery  ,in the attempt they lost half thier number's to self propelled gun's it isbecause of thier tenacity that they were able to prevent 45 Commando being overwhelmed by a strong German counter attack , thus linking up to form a tight  , Commando perimeter around Merville , the German's made determined effort's to dislodge them over the coming day's............ they spent 84 day's in the line way beyond the battle for Normandy, and would fight into Germany until the end of april 1945.......       My above old friend had joined the Commando's in 1940 ( they were the first) and had survived ... His wife of 60 years later told me that she'd never heard some of the thing's he'd said and rarely speaks the way he did, I was fortunate , He spoke to me the way soldiers do and he did'nt let go of my hand .... I was bound to him by  our Commando loyalty and our Green Beret's it was a great moment,  I wished him and his wife well and Lee took some photo's it was just a snapshot of another mans remarkable history.....

Remebrance day 11th of the 11th.................

Freedom is not Free.....

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Mmmmmmm look better Grey.......

Oh Lord Wont You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz

My friends all ride twincams i must make amends, run over them on the highway, with help from my Benz, so oh lord,wont you buy me one, to crush those old friends

Monday 8 November 2010

70's Toys part 3....The Kids Bullworker

This lil bastard was great,you had to put him in a warm bath to get him soft.
Had him in all sorts of shapes But being the inquisitive and destructive child that i was, i had to have a look inside, so i cut his arm off, and then his other one, and proceded to squeeze all the shit outa him by standing on his head. My mam wasnt to happy tho, and demanded me to sew his arms back on. So there he was with red cotton stiched arms and a top half of his body like Peewee Herman. That gave me the idea to have one like no other. So i painted the twat black and blue and tunned him into Stretch Frankenstien. All my mates went "wow, cool, i want one" so i customised a few more.See, i was choppin back then too.

The Red car and the Blue car had a race.......

car art, water colour ,did these some year's ago,

Air Art...

The Mustang is oil paint, the other is water colour, first time I'd used oil paint(recently)....., I only pick up the brushes occasionally, never did it in school ( was'nt alowd to) so I picked up a Gun instead.....

Sunday 7 November 2010

Nice original mechanical brake on The Pan..

Lee Picked this up from the post orifice yesterday and with a bit of tomfoolery it went on nicely, won on evil bay U.S.A.. it's a good early original mech drum with backing plate shoe's spacer's and other important little bit's,    and a nice box of bit's from Cooky ( UL Big Flatty cooky) alto clutch plate's battery lid, and other bit's that drive us insane when we build bike's  ...... you know what I mean....

Take two minutes

Saturday 6 November 2010

Motor nearly ready........

Gene shovel going in here very soon and got some painting to do on Tank and the big , twin leading shoe 21 front nearly done as well..... more to follow..