Saturday 15 December 2012


Gutted you cant party with us tonight my sexy belgian birthday boy.Lydia and me made you a cake anyway hehe. Il be shouting at Bennys later "Anyone want some cock?" Love you man,have a good birthday, see you

Tuesday 4 December 2012

67 Heaven

Timotae Berry the injun fancier has this sporty up for sale which is a damn shame coz its probally the best bike in his fuckin shipping container garage. That crazy cleveland clitmuncher needs his sideburns waxed off and stuck to his shaven haven for even thinking about selling this lil beaut but hey he needs the bread to get his four on the road, plus some spare for his anal toy fetish of which he has many, but they dont seem to fit so tight these days so hes supersizeing. So, you wanna nice sporty eh??? Take a look at the bovril butt lickers Ebay link  HERE