Sunday 31 October 2010

1948 indian chief pull start

For Dave Redface Tucker, Keep goin you

Ol Spunker

70's Toys Part 2... Shoot em up Dawg !!!

Every toy that i had turned to shit, this was the most dissapointing one.
Christmas day in my American Football PJ's, exited as fuck, wanting to shoot everythin in sight, fuck the Dr Pepper cans, wanted that beam of light right smack in the middle of my Grandfathers bonce, hehe. Chuck Connors let me down big time tho, and if he had walked into my house that Christmas mornin, id have kicked his bollocks over his head.

Welcome Home Stevie Boy

Monday 25 October 2010

Sunday 24 October 2010

Oh Fuuuuuuuuck...... That's torn it.. Lee's got Broadband back.....

This off course is good shit...................back soon...lovely boy's

70's Toys part 1....Stunning C**ts

Think it was the christmas of 74 when i got my grubby lil hands on one of these,i was 7. Scuffed my knuckles to fuck with it i did,found out that he liked the bottle and the birds, so i stripped the bastard of all his clothes, and left him outside all winter upside down, with his head stuck im my mams lawn,drink now en fucker, Pure evel for sure.

The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum

Stevie and the Thomas clan are away all next week, that leaves me in charge of the blog........ Look out motherfuckers, theres gonna be some world shakin going on.


Sid and Stevie keeping it Cobweb stylee, Cheers for the bed Sid, probably the most comfiest bed in the world .

Saturday 23 October 2010

Cool Pan..

spotted this in Germany , I liked it.....


out for a spin on the weekend, we had coffee in Fecci's ( you pronounce it!!) tenby,...... nice coffee..

Friday 22 October 2010


Lee's new oiltank ,it's a nice repro pantank( after an exaustive search for an original that had'nt been to hell and back) with excellent tiwanese spelling on the dipstick....... PEFILL...... Nice.. complete with authentic Knuckle rash...

Cooky's Big Flatty UL

We went with Cooky to see this 38  1200 Flatty, He saw it and he bought it and it's... ooooohhh yes....trouser twinge time and I think it's going to be a cracker...  period bobber that's the plan, sold by Paul, great bloke and very talented  also mad as toast with lot's of cool toy's, cheer's Paul and Cooky..

Mmmmmmmmmm, Olive anyone......

Peter Fonda and guest's fine dining......... again!


I was taking a pic of the bike luv honest!!

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Bobber crew

Back in the day's of the Boozefighter's, 13 Rebels and Shark's post WWII when their Freedom and survival had been hard earned, they shared a bond and an unbreakable spirit and they wer'nt going to waste it,.... now it was party time......

Ian " Bobber's" Marshall

The one and only Ian Marshall ,one time Capo of Bobber's Cardiff.......... Luv you Bro

Cool Tank's..

Thursday 14 October 2010

Some Good Shit and No1 Mags of Glory....

Whilst putting the finishing paint touches to panlamp last week, I'd been flicking through some GK's when the post arrived....... and would you believe in the same post was Dice and some sticker's from Rowan.......    Now that's some Goooooood Shit Karma going on if I say so myself,  Roll on new issue of GKM............ Oh yea

Its a Lurrve Thang....

On the GK shoot. "Carry your bags for you sir?"

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Jeff !!

The conversation goes' something like this one morning last week, Lee.. " hello Jeff how are you, fucking hell what have you got on I did'nt know weather to shake your hand or milk you" ....    Jeff..  " what the buckiing ell are you on about now Lee"........ Oh how we laughed.....  click on the pic... go on click on it..

Red 'n' Tim and his Indian in France

Linkert Bound great men indeed........


Tim's Polish mate's had this on thier stall, the frame was'nt to clever and they got Tim very very very pissed later on vodka( more like paint stripper) that was after he tried to get his head down when he and we were only very pissed..... yes he went walk about ..  and apparently upset some German's , but that's another story,  you may just get the" I fell on my head version"  Great bloke and we luv's Him.......

Indian clock's $$$$$

Whilst searching around the stalls at mannheim( all 26 km of them) Tim came across this case of Indian clock's completlley rebuilt using nos or genuine parts, The nice man had 30 off them, 1000 euro's each should do it....   Red I take my hat off to you buddy ,but it sure is worth it in the end..

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Cheer's Ollie.....

Thank's to Ollie we had an absolutely Great time ,and I think he liked the panlamp these pic's were taken in his garage and I would have been quite happy living in there, it was a mad weekend so I got plenty to follow...

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Lee's Gene shovel.

For you Jimmy,   Not to much left to do Lee's awaiting a Black rimmed 21 front and some final touches. were off on our travel's tommorow ,   back Monday Dude's      Cheer's All..

Panlamp in production......

Watch the film below check it out in all it's glory

"Panlamp " Oh Yea...

We made a little something for our Buddy in Belguim , but it's a secret until we get there Thursday night and He ride's a brown Pan, some of you Know Him so don't tell him, Mum's the word, oh and he does'nt know we're coming either titter titter, "ah well there goes the neighbourhood"..

Tuesday 5 October 2010

"Ppppppitkin" Norman Wisdom "Oh how we laughed"

he made us all laugh,he made all of Albania laugh "thats all they had to laugh at" and now he's probably laughing with Tony Curtis  ,  and boy do me and Lee like to Laugh......

The Lengendary Sir Norman Wisdom RIP

Monday 4 October 2010


PC's, hate em, Cant upload shit....Spanners and King Prawns are what i like........"You aint thinkin" "I sure am boy"

Saturday 2 October 2010

gene shove luv....

I painted scollop's on and striped it for Lee last week and  I'm pretty pleased with it .

mrs T's ride.

out and about last weekend ,Joanne in her Karmann, it's been a lot of work and has really kicked my ass
but worth it in the end ,     " Shulah I owe you a spin in it hun "..

48 Pan balls of Glory

Taking the front pulley off using mr dogs homemade puller prior to releasing the pan from the late shovel frame I got a bit excited,  oh how we laughed !!

Friday 1 October 2010

I know how you feel bud...

aaaargh link's list headache..

trying to sort out the links it's making my hair grow and driving me nut's!!

Dave Redface, He da man!!!

Our goodfella Dave. Stuntman extrodinare of the linkert,lover of indians,and taster of fine wines.

pictured here with his old superfast UL,

We love you bud,tell the missus you goin to mannheim with us next week and thats that. See you sunday.