Sunday, 24 October 2010

70's Toys part 1....Stunning C**ts

Think it was the christmas of 74 when i got my grubby lil hands on one of these,i was 7. Scuffed my knuckles to fuck with it i did,found out that he liked the bottle and the birds, so i stripped the bastard of all his clothes, and left him outside all winter upside down, with his head stuck im my mams lawn,drink now en fucker, Pure evel for sure.


  1. I am so relieved - when you said the other day you were off to scuff your knuckles playing evel kneivel I thought you were giving me a little too much information.

  2. My sky rocket is firmly in my pants mate.

  3. wait to halloween and see my blog for my custume. Gonna be real Evel

  4. Would you be interested in selling it?..
    Plmk -
    Thanks Mike