Sunday, 31 October 2010

70's Toys Part 2... Shoot em up Dawg !!!

Every toy that i had turned to shit, this was the most dissapointing one.
Christmas day in my American Football PJ's, exited as fuck, wanting to shoot everythin in sight, fuck the Dr Pepper cans, wanted that beam of light right smack in the middle of my Grandfathers bonce, hehe. Chuck Connors let me down big time tho, and if he had walked into my house that Christmas mornin, id have kicked his bollocks over his head.


  1. ha ha, classic. remember it well!! rip off marketing fackers...always looked better on the TV!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha....fuck me, that's the funniest post i've read this it!!!!!

  3. HMMM 1984 maybe Ryan "fuckin" clements was on the run from his folks in llandybie after getting caught nicking a motorbike, he was on the loose in the area with his dads 12 bore and he was a fuckin psycho.
    Anyhow my sister was in the front room dancing to the kids from fame oblivious to me climing up the steps to the patio where i layed flat against the wall with my arm outstretched and tapped the window with the tip of my tin can alley gun, i then jumped out with gun pointing at her but to my suprise she was knowhere to be seen.
    I entered the house through the patio door only to find her screaming hysterical in my mothers arms.
    As my memory serves me clements blew his head off days later, chuck conners your a cunt !