Monday, 8 November 2010

70's Toys part 3....The Kids Bullworker

This lil bastard was great,you had to put him in a warm bath to get him soft.
Had him in all sorts of shapes But being the inquisitive and destructive child that i was, i had to have a look inside, so i cut his arm off, and then his other one, and proceded to squeeze all the shit outa him by standing on his head. My mam wasnt to happy tho, and demanded me to sew his arms back on. So there he was with red cotton stiched arms and a top half of his body like Peewee Herman. That gave me the idea to have one like no other. So i painted the twat black and blue and tunned him into Stretch Frankenstien. All my mates went "wow, cool, i want one" so i customised a few more.See, i was choppin back then too.

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