Monday, 14 February 2011

Marshall's Gaff.... aka Bobber's

We had a little visit to I an's lockup last week to see him and rummage through his old stuff, and I am immensly grateful that he gave me one of his first shop sign's ( now hanging in my garage),he still has boxes of old football , speedway and road racing programs dating back to the early 60's and all manor of old stuff stashed away, He did tell me the speedway rider's (newport wasp's )name's in the pic , but I forgot,  sorry bud my marbles aint wot they used to be hahahahhaha....  cheer's Ian.


  1. my old man goes on about Aberdare part in its heyday! being from Hirwaun it was like looking in to the future for him!

  2. The Wasps riders are,on the left,Neil Street, pioneer of the Jawa 4 valve speedway engine,still active over Newport speedway at ninety something and Reidar Eide,who died of a strange pig disease while farming porkers in Thailand,both great racers in their day

  3. Cheer's Ian I new you'd come through you andsome Fecker you..