Monday, 21 February 2011

Weekend love

The Devil made me do it Officer.
tentage.. done
pissed on Red's Cider
ben pete tim shaky
ghostrider's dad.Got to get back, I'm on Telly later
lowlevelhell luv's ya Jimmy..
Cool hand lukeHooper
The Wild Bunch
Das Boot..conart
Cheer's Guy, Red shak n shu, Toshi ,trawler spud lyn tomo tim...and every one else that put's a smile on my face......Lowlevelhell luv's yababy


  1. Why would I travel 2 hours to stand around in a car park with a bunch of blokes?
    Coz I luv you guys too!

    Good pics there.

  2. Looks like Renshaw's gotta massive rollo on his head.