Wednesday 18 May 2011

They came from outer space......

you could'nt make it up we bumped in to Dorian at the garage .....just for Gareth
A thing of beauty
Gareth came for a visit today to get some miles on his freshly rebuilt 48 before he Bedar's and Jimmy head off  to Sweeeden in a couple of weeks, It was a wet ride down for him( 110 odd miles I believe)so we took him for fish and chip's ( he did'nt get breakfast either Rensh, rough soup or fish n chips only for the special friend's ay mate arararhahhhaarr) ..... Good to see you Gar and catch you soon bud


  1. nice bike - nice rake and front end - perfect for sweden, perfect for late june. it reminds me of those aussie rebels mc bikes in the 80's - right up jimmy street

  2. Definitely, looks superb, top job.

  3. Well nice...reminds of Bjorns chop from the Gjutjarn MC Uppsala.

  4. Gareth looks like Barry Gibb with a space hopper on his head.