Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ah oooh Ah oooh !


  1. Cracking choice Leedog . . . feeling eighteen all over again . . . sent you a wee not on Pootube over two years ago [Oldredun] . . . I've now gone from an ex owner of three pre '74 Bonnie's who said he never own a Harley sa long as my arse points to the ground to now being two years into a Forty Eight as the everyday ute and a '74 FXE on the way to chopperdom, you two wacky Welsh boyos certainly played your part in my broadening my appreciation . . . still loving your work, keep it up, Dog, aka WhitelinePsycho blog and Oldredun PooTuber

  2. Haha,cool mate.Yea i remember you,cheers bud.Get some pics up on your blog lol.