Monday, 23 April 2012

hahhaaaaaa LLH 2

What a weekend, wish I had a pic of nige.... and also grahams time Stuka ,cheers buddy


  1. Jolly good show boyos, a whole mess of silly old bikes, a battalion of goofy of old blokes and a couple of pretty girls . . . perfect weekend for sure, love your work Dog and Stevie !!!

  2. Had a blast. Thanks again for all your hard work... see you next month for a cuppa!

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  4. great weekend boys!! i am polishing my turd now hoping to win the Liberace's Bathroom award next year ha ha you mad fkn corduroy scampi chomping tramp

  5. what an adventure the motorcross event friday on the way down was awsome!
    Lee Thanks for the belt repair with the life time guarantee (of a mayfly)
    Great weekend
    And thanks to the Widows