Tuesday, 25 September 2012

68 er

Well id never have thought it but Cooky the Atherstone anal intruder has gone and put his 68 up for grabs.He must be off his kojak to be selling it coz its as sweet as the chocolate raisins he likes to roll up in his foreskin before goin to work in the morning.Ah i know hes a bit of a fruit perv but i can assure you that the bike is tiptop,a bit like the cream he pours on young lads thighs, and didnt miss a beat goin down to Linkert Attacks in France a coupla months ago. Have a butchers HERE  ..........Also hes told me to say if you need any shit for your ride he covers all the cats, W&W, MCS ect,cheeper than anyone. Get his number off the gaybay link. Merry xmas.x


  1. Can't afford the sensual beauty of the scoot but any info on the young lads would be appreciated, or the raisins for that matter . . .

  2. The only thing not disturbing about all this is the bike...