Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scratch that itch

Breaks my lil tikka to say this but my other arf is selling his 68 bobber. Yes can you believe it, Stevie (serious conkers) Thomas has taken too much of that devine cactus Peyote, and gone right off his slicked back sweede into an Injun dream. The Indian itching powder my friends was rubbed all over him at Mannheim by those terrible toxic twins namely Tim Indian and Davey boy Redface Tucker which in turn made my lavabread lover go as red as the bikes hes fallen for. So,getting back to the sorrowful sale,if your interested in the bike, send dances like your dad an email, and try not to speak with forked tongue, I wouldnt dare,hes likely to use your arsehole for sendin smoke signals. Good luck.x   stevet983@aol.com


  1. Just as well you were absent! or we would be looking for 2 Indians! However there is a '36 and a '39 for sale. Come in to the wigwam, come in. You know you aspire to a real motocycle.

  2. ha ha, it is an itch worth scratcin!! good choice Stevie!

  3. Well leedog if you hadn!t gone and left stevie high and dry and run of with a beautiful bird he may not have defected to the wigwam so i thinks its all down to you and your cock OH im not jealous at all hehe
    Love ya lee see you soon xxx