Monday, 22 April 2013

Fab Kooky

Well it's almost home in my garage ready for a quick build before the Linkert. I've missed the rigids, last one I built was a sporty but I just couldn't chop the shov coz it was tooooo comfy. However, no matter what you do you don't get the cool looks of a rigid. I've been chopping it in my head for 3 years now and when Cooky mentioned that a mate of his does weld on hardtails at a very reasonable price well I just had to. Would have gone to Paul (Maddog) over in Bristol as my first choice to do it, but the man ain't been too well of late. So I put my trust in the Cooky monsters' mate to do the deed and it's turned out fuckin ace. Fitting the juice rear brake was a pain, but it's on and lines up with the tranny sprocket perfectly. Wanna go rigid??????? Get in touch with Cooky. or bell him on 07973 567 262. Thanks again bud, jetwash your marmite motorway when I pick it up this

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